How does the maintenance work?

For Subscription Bikes, we offer unlimited maintenance so you always have a working bike.

We offer a unique "swap out" system, similar to how car dealerships offer Loaner Cars while you get your car fixed.

When your bike needs work, bring it back within the Pop-up shop boundaries and lock it up to any rack using the Baas Bluetooth lock.

When you lock the bike back up, use the Feedback form to let us know what the issue is.

Here is how the "swap out" system works:  While your bike is being fixed, you are welcome to take any bike that is in our current inventory.  Using the app, you can unlock another bike we have and use that as your bike.  We have a limited number of styles and sizes, so most likely there will be the exact same bike you already have.  Once your bike is finished, you can come and swap out the bikes again.  Your billing won't change at all.


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