What are my options with these bikes?

Depending on the market, we offer 4 things:

1) Hourly Rental -- rent bike and return to the same rack, relock it with the heavy chain.  Use the combination cable lock at your destination.

2) Monthly Rental -- you rent a bike by the month, and we charge your credit card on a recurring basis for as long as you want to keep it.  You can return it anytime by bringing it to one of our locking zones, locking it up, and notifying us you want to end the rental.  We supply you with a combination cable lock that you can use to keep the bike anywhere you like.  As a monthly rental, you treat the bike like your own and you handle any maintenance.

3) Monthly Rent to Own -- you rent a bike, and if you rent it for enough months (shown on the bike), then you can keep the bike and you stop making payments.

4) Purchase -- You can purchase the bike at any time for the listed price.  When you purchase we will send you a receipt and you are good to go, the bike is now yours!  Purchases include the cable lock, but we recommend getting a stronger lock.


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