How does this work?

Baas is a pop-up bike shop that enables people to test ride, subscribe (long term rental), or purchase a bike outright, just by using the Baas Bikes app.

If you are interested in one of our bikes, see our current inventory within the app by selecting the List or Map view.

All of our bikes are locked up with Bluetooth enabled smart locks, so by using our app, you can unlock one to test ride it.  We charge $1 for a test ride as an "insurance fee" so that if anything happens to the bike during the test ride, you aren't liable for any damage.

We have two types of bikes in our pop-up shop -- those that are available for subscription, and those that are available for out-right purchase.

Once you are test riding, you can either subscribe/purchase a bike, or relock it to end your test ride.



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